Tilted Rules!

The Tilted Earth Festival is A CELEBRATION OF COMMUNITY.

Every year, we’ll try and bring the thunder. We want to offer you an amazing weekend filled with the joy and celebration of summer!

A transient composition of art and inspiration – and just some plain ol’ down-home FUN – Tilted is all about sharing. Remember that we are enjoying this temporary space, not just with our community at large but also with thousands of new friends. If we all stay kind and neighborly then we all do our part to keep the party righteous for everyone.

General Tilted Earth Festival Rules:

  • No festival re-entry
  • Permitted Items – chairs, blankets, infant items, umbrellas, and plastic unopened water (Exception if you have a permanent water bottle it must be empty upon festival entry.)
  • All Bags will be CHECKED
  • No Firearms pursuant A.R.S. Section 4-229(A)(1)
  • No Pets Allowed (Exception Assistive Animals)
  • Festival happens Rain or Shine – No –Refunds
  • Wristbands void if tampered with or removed
  • Festival pass must be worn at all times (This is your Tilted passport)
  • Gates open at 5 PM
  • Festival staff have the right to remove anyone who is being disruptiv

 Prepare and Conquer

Check out our nifty maps of the Festival grounds, as well as local events around the Verde. When making your plans for your visit, consider the elements of an Arizona summer like hydration, hats and sunscreen.


Staking Your Claim

We encourage you to make yourself at home! Bring blankets, shade tents, beach umbrellas, folding chairs – all the supplies you need to feel comfortable. Just be mindful of those around you such as avoiding blocking anyone’s view of the stage. Let’s keep the good karma flowing.



Whether you’re feening for a smoke or urgently trying to rid yourself of your lunch leftovers, we ask you to keep it friendly both to your fellow Tilters and Mother Earth. There is a place for everything. It’s called a map. Check it out. Can’t find what you need? Reach out and ask one our friendly staff. Here’s a hint, they’re wearing the garish neon tees that say STAFF.


 The Tilted Tribe

True Tilters keep an eye out for their family and friends, and even offer a hand to a stranger in need. Believe it or not, the good vibes that you put out into the universe create a ripple effect of happiness around you. Whether you want to turn in something to lost and found or are looking for a lost kiddo, familiarize yourself with Guest Services. Our staff will help whether you need directions, medical help or just a lunch suggestion.