Tilted Rules!

The Tilted Earth Festival is A CELEBRATION OF COMMUNITY.

Every year, we’ll try and bring the thunder. We want to offer you an amazing weekend filled with the joy and celebration of summer!

General Tilted Earth Festival Rules:

  • All Parking will be offsite, so expect some parking and shuttle time on both ends of the event
  • Festival Wristbands allow you to go in out (but parking is offsite, so plan accordingly). Wear them at all times.
  • Wristbands void if tampered with or removed
  • Permitted Items – chairs, blankets, infant items, umbrellas, and plastic unopened water (Exception if you have a permanent water bottle it must be empty upon festival entry.)
  • No Outside Alcohol or Food
  • All Bags will be CHECKED
  • No Firearms pursuant A.R.S. Section 4-229(A)(1)
  • No Pets Allowed (Exception Assistive Animals)
  • Festival happens Rain or Shine – No –Refunds
  • Festival staff have the right to remove anyone who is being disruptive

Suggestions for Enjoyment

  • We will have credit card capability but cash will always be quicker
  • Bring a flashlight
  • Please Plan for A Designated Driver, Cab, Uber or Shuttle if needed
  • It actually might get chilly at night so bring a blanket or wear layers
  • Simple, small, pop-up chairs may be handy!
  • Room will be a little tight, so be mindful of the space blankets take up on the ground. Share with your neighbors.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Sun hats are suggested